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Our Kameoka Plant is equipped with facilities for water and alcohol extractions as well as those for hexane extraction, which we make on the basis of assignment. To maximize the potential and traits of raw materials, we apply different extraction method depending on the chemical characteristics of ingredients in each raw material.

The extraction temperature and the solvent composition are determined by taking into account the extraction rate of the ingredient. A flexible operation has been made possible under efficient production planning. The extracted solution is processed into fluid extracts as required.

Depending on requirements, the extracted solution is processed into paste-like soft extracts. A thorough control of the solution temperature is required in the concentration process. The solution is agitated by the rotating steam heat-source built into the concentration tank. This process contributes to maintaining the evenness of the solution even after its viscosity changes over the course. By maintaining the even temperature of the solutions, concentrated solutions can maintain the original traits that the raw material posses.

The pharmaceutical production process is carried out in clean rooms classified with CR Class 100,000 , and hygienic and vale-added fluid extracts are being produced there.

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