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Even before starting the extraction of botanical medicines, we had been engaged in the production of beeswax and distillation and re-crystallization of essential oils such as mentha oil and menthol. These products are used in a wide range of fields, such as medical and pharmaceutical products and cosmetics. These products are what society needs, and we will keep on supplying them to our customers. Our Kameoka Plant posses numerous refining technologies that play essential roles in this plant.

Beeswax Refining Facility

Beehives are mainly made from the wax ingredient that worker bees secrete from their abdomens. Beeswax is produced by refining wax ingredients in beehives. Refined beeswax which has gone through a bleaching process is called bleached beeswax or white beeswax. Wax gathered from beehives is ocher-colored, containing a lot of impurities such as pollens and pigments, and therefore it is not suitable for use as it is. By going through a refining process, such as melting to remove impurities, deodorizing and bleaching, the crude wax turns into products with a high grade.

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