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The precursor of Koshiro Company Limited was a medicine trader. The company was engaged in the wholesale business in the olden days. Being a wholesaler, we were quick to turn our eyes to overseas for procurement of raw materials. Our predecessors traveled every region of the world. This has laid the foundation for the current import and distribution business.

Our research center was also established at a very early stage. Upon launching, the research center initiated a development of an isolation and quantification method of active ingredients. This has contributed to evolving our quality evaluation system from that relying on five senses and experiences into a sophisticated one based on scientific grounds.

Our numerous research achievements have made significant contributions not only to the academic field exemplified by crude drugs and the natural product chemistry but also to the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry on occasions. The raw materials we procure come from all over the world, including the United States, China, Africa and India, in addition to Japan. We select and evaluate raw materials utilizing both our acumen based on our five senses and experiences and our scientific know-how. To ensure the quality of raw materials we procure from our contract farms, we go to the farming sites and examine the whole process, starting from the cultivation environment to the processing of crops. To select only those raw materials that meet our criteria, we touch them with our own hands, see them with our own eyes and sense the odor with our own noses.

Natural materials we offer are used as crude drugs of medicines and feed ingredients of cosmetics and health foods. We closely examine raw materials in an uncompromising manner and process them into extract preparations that our users really need.


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May the natural blessing be with you - For your smiley and healthy life.

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