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Products we produce play an important role in sustaining people’s lives and health. It is our belief that ensuring the stable supply of these high-quality products is one of our important missions. To discharge this duty, in 2008, we built the 1st and 2nd raw material warehouses on top of the existing one, thereby enabling us to establish a more flexible and efficient production and supply system. In these warehouses, the room temperature and the humidity are strictly controlled. All these warehouses have front rooms so that they are less susceptible to the influence of the outer air resulting from the flow of people and goods. Exemplified by anti-rat and anti-insect systems, these warehouses are designed in such a manner that the quality of raw materials is strictly preserved.

On a global scale, we are carefully monitoring the ever-changing supply and demand situation of natural products. We keep ample raw materials in stock to evade the risks of short-supply and sharp cost fluctuation which may take place as a result of unseasonable weathers. We are always striving for supplying high-quality products at the right price in a stable manner.

May the natural blessing be with you - For your smiley and healthy life.

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